Dear members and prospective members

Some points to remember regarding your membership and entry into Ashby Mill Road Club;

1. You must carry your membership card on each occasion you enter the club, you can be refused entry or be asked to leave if you cannot show your card when asked by either ; a Member of Staff, a Committee Member or even a Club Member.

2. If your Fob does not work, please press the button and show your card (a cctv camera is in the Fob sensor) to gain entry and then inform the club secretary, Committee or a member of staff for a new fob to be issued in due course, if you lose your fob a £5 charge applies.

3. If you are a new Member you are reminded that any member can object your membership by notice to the committee and that you are on probation for 12 months, during which failing to abide by the club rules or acting illegally will lead to membership being rescinded.

4. You may bring up to three guest’s to the club, they must be signed in, witnessed by a member of Staff, a guest may only be signed in a maximum of three times a year; a signing in fee is to be paid per guest.

5. It is your duty to inform a committee member or member of staff of any non member that is not a signed in guest, Knowingly allowing a non member to remain in the club could result in disciplinary action against you.

6. The wearing of work clothes is limited to the Bar only, the Lounge and Concert room are clean rooms and should be treated as such.

7. You are bound by the Club rules to inform the Club if you change your place of residence/details within 14 days.
8. Any complaints must be in writing and addressed to the club Secretary.




12:00pm - 11:00pm


11:30am - 11:30pm


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Modder Street 
North Lincolnshire
DN16 2SH

Tel. 01724 865012